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Australian Guild Directory[edit | edit source]

Faction Guild Leader Server Recruitment Focus
Republic.png Oceanic Alliance (website) Galst Begeren Colony Applications Open Roleplay, PvP & PVE. 18yrs+
Republic.png South Pacific Gamers (website) Nøxx Master Dar'Nala Open Progression PvE, PvP
Republic.png The Elite Force ([No website]) JerryC {{{server}}} Join us! PvE
Republic.png Harlequin (website) Ukrai {{{server}}} Applications Open PvP,PvE,Progression
Republic.png Spartan (website) Tmak Lord Praven apply now! PvP, PvE / Guild Progression, Maturity
Republic.png Moist (website) Calroth {{{server}}} Applications Open PvP,PvE,Progression
Republic.png Omen (website) Tarion/FatSoDa {{{server}}} Applications Open PvE,Progression,Fun
Republic.png Insurgence (website) Tronc {{{server}}} PvP,PvE,Progression
Republic.png The Sacred Order (website) brettdude20 {{{server}}} PvP, PvE, Progression, Social, Fun
Republic.png Warriors of the Republic (website) Aikell Dalborra Open Pve, PvP
Republic.png The Underground Rebellion Terisa The Crucible Pits (Will be moving to AU Servers in March) Through Terisa. Applications are Open PvP, Crafting, Making Money, Questing, Fun, Mateship


Skyborn (website) Nunga-Nunga Master Dar'nala Open social
Empire.png Sith Legion (website) Akkar, Khemical, Noma Dalborra Yes - Info here PvP/PvE - All aspects..
Empire.png Force-Kin (website) Caan Krayt Dragon Yes All aspects.
Empire.png Mecrosa Order (website) Arali, et al. Dalborra Yes Casual PvE
Empire.png AlderaanChunksEverywhere (website) bLiNkbl {{{server}}} PVP, light RP, Social.
Empire.png Dead Sarlaac (website) Rimmer {{{server}}} Open PVE, PVP, Social - All players from pre-launch 4 years+ exp MMO's
Empire.png Empire Of The Sith (website) Skullzy The Swiftsure Applications Open End game content, PvE, Progression & PvP
Empire.png Flag of Convenience (website) Bred Dalborra (Oceanic) Open (Limited) Progression PvE, PvP, Social - Mature players
Empire.png Shadow Sith (website) SilvabakRev + "The Dark Council" {{{server}}} Now Recruiting PVE, PVP, light RP, Social/Progression
Empire.png Hot Milo (website) FitzMan The Swiftsure Open PVP, Social.
Empire.png Protean (website) Identity Dalborra Open Friendly social guild
Empire.png Legion of Self Denial (website) Charyou Nadd's Sarcophagus Open PvE, PVP, Social.
Empire.png Psychotic ([((Please mail me in game!)) website]) Iferis Gav Daragon All evil and twisted sith :D One of the oldest on the server! since the server was created. PVE, PVP, Dungeons, Questing/Heroics also looking for a friendly environment.

Sacrifice (website) Ensabanur - Site Admin {{{server}}} Sacrifice Applications Info PVE, PVP, Social - 4 year old WoW Guild looking to get into SW:ToR