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I have a basic understanding of how item prefixes work but when you get to higher levels, the bonuses start piling on. I just edited the Ear Chip article based on one I have on my inventory. The Prefix Variations table lays out the following stats: Strength, Presence, Aim, Cunning, Endurance, Willpower, Expertise. Are these the only stats affected by item prefixes or were they just a starting point? The Alderaanian Ear Chip I have has a crit bonus as well. Is this a base stat or something included with the prefix? I have no other Ear Chip with a different prefix to compare it to. The other two Alderaanian items I have in my inventory list similar stat bonuses but only one of them has the additional crit bonus. --Icon class jediknight.png Alianin T C 21:02, 12 January 2012 (UTC)