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This is a timeline of the events leading up to the beginning of The Old Republic game, at the Treaty of Coruscant. BTC=Before Treaty of Coruscant. (The treaty of Coruscant is in future timelines recorded as 3,656 BBY)

Timeline Videos

ATC 0 - The Treaty of Coruscant
BTC 7 - The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken
BTC 8 - The Return of the Mandalorians
BTC 14 - The Empire Changes Strategy
BTC 18 - The Battle of Bothawui
BTC 28 - Onslaught of the Sith Empire
BTC 103 - Peace for the Republic?
BTC 303 - The Jedi Civil War
BTC 311 - The Mandalorian Wars
BTC 347 - The Exar Kun War
BTC 1251 - Rebirth of the Sith Empire
BTC 1347 - The Great Hyperspace War
BTC 3247 - The First Dark Sith Lords on Korriban
BTC 3347 - The 2nd Great Jedi Schism
BTC 21300 - The Jedi Join the Republic
BTC 21400 - Founding of the Republic
BTC 22130 - The Jedi Order is Established
BTC 22140 - The Force War on Tython
BTC 32800 - Force "Discovered" on Tython