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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Vibroknife is a smaller variant of the Vibrosword used by the Imperial Agent to perform strikes and ambushes in close-quarters combat, and is required and enhances several of their abilities. It can be used by the Sniper Advanced Class, but is primarily used by the Operative for stealth-based strikes and delivering lacerating, debilitating or poisoned blows. The Republic counterpart to the Vibroknife is the Scattergun, which operates in much the same way for the Republic Scoundrel. Vibroknives can be crafted via Armstech.

Better vibroknives improve the abilities that require them, such as Backstab, Shiv or Hidden Strike. Although the Imperial Agent brandishes and wields a vibroknife during his abilities, a change of vibroknife does not change its appearance in-game.