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Verpine is a set of item rating 168 armor, weapons, earpieces and implants. This gear can be obtained from bosses in hard mode operations and can be purchased with Ultimate Commendations from class Ultimate Gear Vendors on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.

Sets[edit | edit source]

Verpine gear has no set bonuses. Matching Imperial and Republic classes share the same gear sets.

Bounty Hunter / Trooper Imperial Agent / Smuggler Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight
Damage Verpine Boltblaster's Gear Verpine Targeter's Gear Verpine Force-Lord's Gear Verpine Foestopper's Gear
Verpine Pummeler's Gear
Healing Verpine Med-Tech's Gear Verpine Mender's Gear Verpine Force-Healer's Gear
Tank Verpine Demolisher's Gear Verpine Duelist's Gear Verpine Bulwark's Gear

Drops[edit | edit source]

Verpine gear can be obtained from bosses in hard mode Scum and Villainy, Terror from Beyond, and Golden Fury.

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