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Utility Points are special abilities that can be chosen to augment your character. Utility Points are always passive bonuses. Each class has its own selection, with 24 Utility Points split over 3 tiers. Utility Points are limited by level, with a new Point becoming available each 8 levels, starting at level 17. Talents are advanced class-specific, but are available independent of discipline. Talents offer a further level of customization beyond advanced class and discipline selection, and can be changed very easily and free. The Utility Point system got introduced in patch 3.0 with the early access to Shadow of Revan.

Gaining Utility Points[edit | edit source]

Utility Points are split over 3 tiers, with 7 utilities on each. Each tier is unlocked when the character reaches the appropriate level. The first tier Skillful is available from beginning, with the Masterful tier unlocked after spending three points and the Heroic tier after spending 5 points. For all classes, a new Point becomes available every 8 levels:

  • Point 1: level 17
  • Point 2: level 25
  • Point 3: level 33
  • Point 4: level 41
  • Point 5: level 49
  • Point 6: level 57
  • Point 7: level 65

Choosing Utility Points[edit | edit source]

The Utility Points are found in the Discipline interface. This can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon on the interface bar at the top of the screen (assuming you are using the default UI). You can choose either only utilities from the Skillful tier, a mix of Skillful and Masterful, or a mix of all three tiers. But you are obliged to choose at least 3 skillful utilities to reach the Masterful tier and 3-5 skillful utilities and 0-2 masterful utilities to reach the Heroic tier. To change your Utility Points, you have to either reset all your points spend or to change your discipline. Below you find a list of every Utility Points by advanced class: