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Underworld is a set of item rating 168 armor, weapons, earpieces and implants. This gear can only be obtained by trading Underworld gear tokens with class Ultimate Gear Vendor on the Imperial and Republic Fleet.

Sets[edit | edit source]

Underworld gear has different set bonuses for each set. Matching Imperial and Republic classes share the same gear sets.

Bounty Hunter / Trooper Imperial Agent / Smuggler Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight
Damage Underworld Combat Tech's Gear
Underworld Eliminator's Gear
Underworld Enforcer's Gear
Underworld Field Tech's Gear
Underworld Professional's Gear
Underworld Force-Master's Gear
Underworld Stalker's Gear
Underworld Challenger's Gear
Underworld Vindicator's Gear
Underworld Weaponmaster's Gear
Healing Underworld Combat Medic's Gear Underworld Field Medic's Gear Underworld Force-Mystic's Gear
Tank Underworld Supercommando's Gear Underworld Survivor's Gear Underworld War Leader's Gear

Gear tokens[edit | edit source]

Underworld gear tokens to purchase Underworld pieces can be obtained from hard mode bosses in Scum and Villainy, Terror from Beyond, and Golden Fury.

Scum and Villainy[edit | edit source]

Seven out of twelve tokens drop from bosses in Scum and Villainy.

Terror from Beyond[edit | edit source]

Five out of twelve tokens drop from bosses in Terror from Beyond.

Golden Fury[edit | edit source]

Any of the twelve tokens can drop from the Golden Fury.

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