Umbara Mobile Base

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Independent Umbara Mobile Base Independent
Umbara Mobile Base
Planet: Umbara
Occupancy (max): 10 (30)
Expansions: 2
Initial purchase: Credit.png 5,000 or Cartel coin.png 50
Guild purchase: Credit.png 10,000

The Umbara Mobile Base is a stronghold located on the planet Umbara.

Description[edit | edit source]

Keep your enemies guessing with this stylish mobile defense base nestled within the walls of an Umbaran supply train. Enjoy the security of blast-proof barriers deep within the train's interior, or climb above-deck to watch the Umbaran scenery as you sail through the sky. With a convenient taxi to whisk you between cars, speed and mobility will be the least of your worries.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Unlocks Credits (personal) Cartel Coins (personal) Max decorations Max occupancy Credits (guild)
Initial purchase Credit.png 5,000 Cartel coin.png 50 ? 10 Credit.png 10,000
Center Cart Credit.png 1,000,000 Cartel coin.png 1,200 +100 +10
Front Cart Credit.png 1,200,000 Cartel coin.png 1,200 +125 +10
Total Credit.png 2,205,000 Cartel coin.png 2,450 30

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