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{{:Data:items/Tral-tech Disruptor}}
'''Tral-tech Disruptor''' is a [[prototype]] [[blaster pistol]] item.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[prototype]] [[Pistol]] item.
==External links==
==External links==
[[Category:Primary Ranged-slot Pistol]]
[[Category:Secondary Ranged-slot Pistol]]
<noinclude>[[Category:Darth Hater DB Imports]]</noinclude>
[[Category:Offhand-slot blaster pistols]]
[[Category:Main hand-slot blaster pistols]]

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Tral-tech Disruptor
Binds on pickup
Main hand (ranged), Offhand (ranged)
106 - 197 Energy Damage (Rating 82)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
   +42 Mastery
   +71 Endurance
   +0 Force Power

Requires Level 33
Requires Pistol

Tral-tech Disruptor is a prototype blaster pistol item.

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