The Tytun Rings

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The Tytun Rings
The Tytun Rings map

The Tytun Rings is an Imperial Agent class story area located in the Distant Outer Rim area of space.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tytun Four is the fourth moon of a gas giant in the Gacerian system. The surface and much of the interior have been largely replaced by databanks, power generators, maintenance tunnels and self-repair facilities--in effect, turning Tytun Four in to a gigantic computer.

In orbit around the moon are rings of derelict starships converted into additional databanks--added capacity for the moon. Archive node 803-A is a battle-scarred Imperial transport.

Alongside the derelict starships are several sleek, heavily armed corvettes, likely used by the mercenaries paid to defend against intruders.

~ Galaxy map description

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