The Streets of Cademimu

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The Streets of Cademimu

The Streets of Cademimu


Boss Fight 1: Xander and EN-4C[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Focus fire on Xander only. Spread out to avoid AoE damage from random missile fire. If you are marked (red icon under your feet) you must kite to avoid EN-4C freezing you for 30 seconds.

Party should focus fire on Xander as EN-4C dies when Xander dies. Xander fires random missiles every 10 seconds with AoE effect so party should spread out to avoid hurting each other. EN-4C will activate after 10 seconds and randomly call out a player's name and slowly walk torward them. That player must run way to avoid being frozen in carbonite for 30 seconds. The carbonite effect cannot be dispelled. If someone is frozen, EN-4C will reset again but activate after another 10 seconds.

Boss Fight 2: Captain Grimk[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Tank face Grimk away from the party to avoid flamethrower cone. 3 Ugnaught mechanics adds will spawn every ~30 seconds and must be DPS'ed down immediately.

The boss is a Wookie with a flamethrower which itself is scary. Luckily the flamethrower is light damage and leaves a minor flame DoT that looks more dangerous than what it is. As long as the tank faces the boss away it's very manageable. The adds need to be picked up by the tank or DPS as soon as they appear or they will beat up your healer.

Boss Fight 3: General Ortol[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Brief Strategy: Standard tank and spank. Priority #1 is to avoid steam coming from the rockets in the ceiling as it will follow with a flame explosion that causes massive area fire damage. General Ortol will also knockback the tank into the flames so need to quickly move out.

In addition to the brief strategy above, it should be noted that as the fight progresses there will be 1, then 2, then eventually 3 steam locations that will engulf in flames. It's very easy to wipe in the closing elements. It cannot be emphasized enough that avoiding steam and eventually flame AoE areas is the key to the success of this fight.

In order to safely avoid the flames it is important to go into Preferences > Controls > and increase Maximum Camera Distance to something around 60%. This will allow you to survey the room and see the steam much easier. While only one rocket will fire in the beginning it doesn't take long at all for 3 rockets to begin firing at once. At this point you simply need to look at which three rockets are shooting out steam and run to the fourth rocket that's not firing. If all members manage to safely avoid the flames then victory is just a matter of time (and a good healer).

Subzones[edit | edit source]

Launch Complex.jpg Spaceport Docks.jpg Residential District.jpg
Launch Complex Spaceport Docks Residential District

Video[edit | edit source]