The Path to Power

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Sith Empire The Path to Power
Sith Empire

Level 18 Sith Empire mission
Sith Inquisitor Class Mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]

Mission Chain

Icon class sithinquisitor.png [17] Extraction
Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [18] The Path to Power
Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [19] Into the Pit

The Path to Power is a level 18 mission available to Sith Inquisitors. This mission is part of the Inquisitor class storyline. I would recommend using a willpower stim. If your spec is assassin your basically screwed because sorcerer is all about knockbacks and stuns and you need stuns and knockbacks to defeat Major Bessikir

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Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Search for Hiran
  • Defeat Hiran and Take the Holocron
  • Retrieve the Sith Weapon
  • Return to Major Bessiker
  • Defeat Major Bessiker
  • Speak to Iannos Tyrek