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Empire.png The Krayt Gang

Level 21 Sith Empire mission
Sith Inquisitor Class Mission

Planet [[Nar Shaddaa]]

Mission Chain

Icon class sithinquisitor.png [20] The Prophet Arrives
 Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [21] The Krayt Gang 
 Icon class sithinquisitor.png  [21] Manufacturing Miracles 

The Krayt Gang is a level 21 mission available to Sith Inquisitors. This mission is part of the Inquisitor class storyline.

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  • Infiltrate the Krayt Gang's Hideout
  • Bonus:Eliminate Saben's Krayt Den Forces
  • Defeat Saben
  • Defear Saben's Bodyguards
  • Use your Personal Holocom
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