The Flesh Raider Menace

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Galactic Republic The Flesh Raider Menace
Galactic Republic

Level 2 Galactic Republic mission
Bonus Mission

Planet [[Tython]]
Area [[The Gnarls]]
Start [[Galactic Republic [2] Captured Padawans]]

The Flesh Raider Menace is a level 2 bonus mission available to player characters belonging to the Galactic Republic faction. It can be obtained on the planet Tython, in the area known as the Gnarls. This mission is begun by defeating a Flesh Raider after having accepted the mission Captured Padawans.


Flesh Raiders have invaded the valley known as the Gnarls. These aggressive native to the planet Tython are exhibiting a cohesiveness uncommon for the primitive species, and they wield technology far beyond what they are capable of producing on their own. In order to turn back the assault it is necessary to thin the attacker's numbers.


The Flesh Raiders are a menace to the Gnarls. Clear out the Flesh Raider hunters, scouts and berserkers in the Gnarls.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Flesh Raider Menace mission description



  • Experience Points: +112

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