The Eternity Vault

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The Eternity Vault
The Eternity Vault

Level 50-75 Operation

Location Belsavis
Hard Mode Yes
Nightmare Mode no
End Boss Soa

The Eternity Vault is an operation located at an ancient prison that has been uncovered on the remote world of Belsavis. It is one of two operations available upon release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, with the other being Karagga's Palace. It has five bosses, and can be completed in Story Mode and Veteran Mode.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Buried deep in the icy mountains of Belsavis, a prison housing an ancient and deadly entity has been uncovered. Both the Republic and the Empire understand the threat that the prison poses, and both sides now send their most powerful heroes to confront and eliminate this powerful foe once and for all."

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