The Eidolon

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The Eidolon

The Eidolon

Elite Level 22-23 Humanoid NPC (Elite)

Species [[Zabrak]]
Gender Male
Class Assassin
Health ??
Planet [[Nar Shaddaa]]
Region [[Network Access]]

[[Category:Nar Shaddaa NPCs]]

The Eidolon is a male Zabrak and assassin for the Hutt Cartel.

Codex entry[edit | edit source]

Main article: Codex/The Eidolon

The assassin known as the Eidolon is a figure shrouded in mystery—so much so that it's not entirely certain that the Eidolon is only one figure at all. Despite being employed by the Hutt Cartel for more than a decade, the assassin has never been met in person or even seen. Nor has any clue as to the assassin's identity been discovered—no calling cards, no flashy displays, no consistent modus operandi. The only concrete thing that can be said about the Eidolon is that his targets are not long for the world.

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