The Dread Guards

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The Dread Guards
<Dread Guard Commander>

The Dread Guards

Champion Level 55 Boss NPC (Champion)

Species Human
Health 8S ??
8H 944,249
8Ni 1,502,214
16S ??
16H ??
16Ni ??
Planet [[Asation]]
Region [[Green Ellipse - Quadrilateral Forum]]

[[Category:Asation NPCs]]

The Dread Guards are the second encounter in the operation Terror from Beyond.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission objective[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]


  • Battering Assault -
  • Gore -

Hard mode

  • Doom -
  • Roving Smash -
  • Strangle -

Nightmare mode


  • Force Lightning -
  • Overload -
  • Surging Chain -

Hard mode

  • Lightning Field -

Nightmare mode


  • Discharge -
  • Overload -

Hard mode

  • Force Leech -

Nightmare mode

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Phase one[edit | edit source]

Phase two[edit | edit source]

Phase three[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Entering area

  • Heirad: Hounds of the Empire. How blindly you stumble without someone to hold your leash.
  • Ciphas: They deny the truth.
  • Kel'sara: Your Emperor is dead, but you may still serve a higher power. Kneel, and the masters will grant you purpose.

Starting combat

  • Ciphas: Those who will not serve will die!
  • Ciphas: We are the chosen!

Heirad casts Surging Chain

  • Heirad: Your struggle only prolongs the pain.

Heirad casts Lightning Field

  • Heirad: The masters command, the Force obeys!

Heirad death

  • Heirad: I am a small sacrifice.

Ciphas casts Strangle

  • Ciphas: The masters guide us while you remain blind!

Ciphas casts Doom

  • Ciphas: You will welcome death before the end.

Player death?

  • Ciphas: Consumed by fear.

Ciphas death

  • Ciphas: WE may fall, but fear remains eternal!

Kel'sara casts Force Leech

  • Kel'sara: We are more forgiving than the masters.

Kel'sara commands Dread Guards to assist her

  • Kel'sara: You are many, but we are one!

Kel'sara death

  • Kel'sara: My purpose has been served.
  • Dread Master Calphayus: The shield is broken, but the sword is now drawn.

Loot[edit | edit source]

The amounts below are for 8m. For 16m, the armor is doubled and the commendations are increased.

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Hard mode[edit | edit source]

Nightmare mode[edit | edit source]

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