The Arm That Holds the Saber/Dialog

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1st Cutscene -- Jedi Temple[edit | edit source]

Aven: "Peace onto you, friend. I bear word from the Masters of the temple. Will you take a moment and hear my message?"
  • Of course. ("By all means, my friend. Let us talk.")
Aven: "You do me great honor."
  • I have an urgent mission. ("I'm afraid I don't have time for long discussions.")
Aven: "I will endeavor to be brief."
  • You talk stupid. (""Will you take a moment?" Who speaks like that?")
Aven: "Many pardons. Basic is not my first tongue."

Aven: "Your present mission is all-important, but the Masters want to make sure you do not miss what the temple has to offer. When you have time, see Master Muheeda. He will guide you in the other skills of the Jedi."