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This template will provide an infobox for books, comics, and games.

Example Book
Media Type Media Type
Author(s) Author(s)
Artist(s) Artist(s)
Pencils Pencils
Inks Inks
Colors Colors
Cover Artist Cover Artist
Pages 32
Developer Developer
Publisher Publisher
Published Release Date
Preceded By Previous
Followed By Next

Usage[edit source]

|title      = Example Book
|image      = Example.jpg
|imagewidth = 250
|caption    = This is a book cover.
|type       = Media Type
|author     = Author(s) - book or comic only
|artist     = Artist(s) - book or comic only
|pencils    = Pencils - comic only
|inks       = Inks - comic only
|colors     = Colors - comic only
|cover      = Cover Artist - book or comic only
|pages      = 32 - book or comic only
|developer  = Developer - game only
|publisher  = Publisher - book, comic, or game only
|rating     = ESRB/PEGI rating
|date       = Release Date
|timeline   = Timeline (BBY)
|preceded   = Previous
|followed   = Next