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Usage[edit source]


page (optional)
The name of the Holonet Page. (http://www.swtor.com/holonet/page)
childPage (optional)
Name of next page in url. (http://www.swtor.com/holonet/page/childPage)
info (optional)
Older URLs to SWTOR Holonet require /info/ in the url, set 'info=true' to add it in.
label (optional)
Custom label for external link

Examples[edit source]

No Parameters

SWTOR Holonet


SWTOR Holonet Planets

Page and ChildPage

{{HoloLink|Planets|Dromund Kaas}}
SWTOR Holonet Planets: Dromund Kaas

Page and ChildPage and Info

{{HoloLink|Biographies|Bouris Ulgo|info=true}}
SWTOR Holonet Biographies: Bouris Ulgo

Custom Label

{{HoloLink|Planets|Quesh|label=Planet Quesh}}
Planet Quesh

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