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Galactic Republic Tager'na Galactic Republic


Level 7 Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 190
Planet [[Tython]]
Region [[The Gnarls]]

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Tager'na is a Human merchant with a store in The Gnarls, a valley on the planet Tython used for training by the Jedi Order. He can be found on the region's landing platform, overlooking the training areas from the west.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Tager'na is a light armor vendor, and stocks a selection of low-level robes and clothing.

Vendor Store
534182.png Padded Anklewraps Credit.png 100

531960.png Padded Coat Credit.png 150

532458.png Padded Legwraps Credit.png 150

532636.png Nerf-Herder's Handwraps Credit.png 150

532458.png Nerf-Herder's Lower Robe Credit.png 150

534182.png Nerf-Herder's Shoes Credit.png 150

531960.png Nerf-Herder's Tunic Credit.png 150

529063.png / Ipp.class.inq.quest.cdps1.t1x2.chest.png Traveler's Shirt Credit.png 200

532336.png / 529999.png Traveler's Wraps Credit.png 300

535544.png / 529017.png Traveler's Belt Credit.png 250

534958.png / 532250.png Traveler's Cuffs Credit.png 300

Republic.png / 534323.png Battlemind's Boots Credit.png 1850

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