TD-17A Talon Jacket

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TD-17A Talon Jacket
TD-17A Talon Jacket
Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 8)
   32 Armor
Durability: 120/120
Item Modifications
   Armoring: Open
   Mod: Open
   Enhancement: Open

Requires Trooper
Requires Heavy Armor

TD-17A Talon Jacket is a Custom-quality chest slot Heavy Armor. As a Customizable item players can add, remove, and replace item modifications to Ciridium Onslaught Chestguard in order to improve the item's statistics and versatility. It can be obtained by Troopers as a mission reward for completion of the level 14 mission Gree: Power Outage.

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Mission reward[edit | edit source]

TD-17A Talon Jacket is a mission reward obtained by completing Gree: Power Outage, a level 14 mission obtained on the planet Coruscant.

Mission reward
Galactic Republic [14] Gree: Power Outage

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