Supply Officer Masha

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Sith Empire Supply Officer Masha
<Reputation Vendor>
Sith Empire

Supply Officer Masha

Level 60 Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Sith Empire]]
Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 9885
Planet [[Yavin 4]]
Region [[Coalition Staging]]

[[Category:Sith Empire NPCs]][[Category:Yavin 4 NPCs]]

Supply Officer Masha is a Coalition Forces on Yavin 4 reputation vendor located in the Imperial Landing Zone‎ in Coalition Staging on the moon Yavin 4.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Supply Officer Masha offers a selection of pets, armor, decorations, schematics, and vehicles for purchase.

Vendor Store
Treek fektur dart.png Jungle Droid HK Customization Credit.png 100,000

Treek klektuhkuh thleek.png Jungle Treek Customization Credit.png 100,000

519AF0DF B7A3172269902F76.png KX-7 Recon Walker Credit.png 100,000

Str character green.png Massassi Guard (Male) Credit.png 62,500

Datapad.png Schematic: Dark Red and Black Dye Module Credit.png 100,000

Datapad.png Schematic: Deep Green and White Dye Module Credit.png 100,000

Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Belt Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Body Armor Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Boots Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Bracers Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Gauntlets Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Helmet Vendorbox/Shield Warden's Leggings Vendorbox/Yavin Temple Obelisk}}

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