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Overview[edit | edit source]

Serving as both personal residence and set of power, Galactic Strongholds are purchasable homes available on many civilized worlds.Each stronghold is designed for maximum customization and expansion, allowing the owner to decorate every room with their choice of furniture, personal items, trophies, and a tremendous variety of other items either crafted by hand or earned over the course of exciting adventures. In addition to expanding Strongholds with additional rooms, its also possible to own multiple strongholds at once, adding even more opportunities for customization! Owners can even invite their friends to visit and check out every hard-earned detail!

Owning Strongholds, expanding their interiors, and decorating them with rare and exceptional items all bring tremendous prestige. Those with the highest prestige can vie for top spots on the public Stronghold Directory, earning a name for themselves as one of the galaxy's elite! -Star Wars: The Old Republic

The faction homeworld strongholds can be traveled to by characters of an enemy faction, but require a smuggler's fee.