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Mouse Droid

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[[Image:Mouse-Droid.png|right|thumb|Mouse Droid pet.]]
| name = Mouse Droid
The '''Mouse Droid''' is a custom-skinned non-combat [[pet]] available to players who purchase the [[Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition|Collector's Edition]] of the game.
| icon = [[File:536806.png|36px|Mouse Droid]]
| rarity = prototype
| bind = Bind on Pickup
| unique = Yes
| use = Summons a small mouse droid which will follow and passively observe you on your adventures.
| desc = Right-click this item to add the Mouse Droid to your collection of pets. You can then summon it from the 'general' tab of your abilities page.
'''Mouse Droid''' is a [[prototype]] [[vanity pet]].
[[Category: Droids]]
Mouse Droids can be purchased for {{currency|credit|25,000}} from the Security Key Vendor on the [[Imperial Fleet|Imperial]] and [[Republic Fleet]]s.
[[Category: Pets]]
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[[Category:Vanity Droidspets]]


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