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Codex/Nikto Sector

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{{Quote|[[Nar Shaddaa]] has ever been an attractive world for Nikto enforcers seeking employment with the [[Hutts|Hutt Cartel]]. The [[Nikto Sector|Nikto Sector]], as it is now known, began as a place where Nikto warriors came to attract the attention of prospective employers, but the sector was formally bequeathed to the Nikto [[Horoth Gendi]] by his [[Hutts|Hutt]] master when he saved the [[Hutts|Hutt's]] life and business in an act of quick-thinking bloodshed.
''[[Horoth Gendi]] used the opportunity to found his own gang and free himself from servitude to higher powers. Since that time, the [[Nikto Sector|Nikto Sector]] has fallen under the control of a succession of Nikto gangs seeking a bigger piece of [[Nar Shaddaa|Nar Shaddaa's]] underworld business-the latest of these gangs being the formidable [[Kintan Kings]].'' |[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]], Lower IndustrialNikto Sector codex entry}}
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