Space Combat: Polith Minefield

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Sith Empire Space Combat: Polith Minefield
Sith Empire

Level 42 Sith Empire mission
Space combat mission

Area [[Core Worlds]]
Start Galaxy Map
Experience 5 - 5275 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 3 Fleet Commendation
Credit.png 3247

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Space Combat: Polith Minefield is one of the fourth tier of space combat missions for the Empire side. Once reaching level 40, it is one of two missions that become unlocked and is accessible through your galaxy map.

A pirate fleet has set ambushes and laid an extensive minefield in the Polith system to disrupt Imperial convoys passing through the region. Enemy vessels must be destroyed and the mines cleared to reopen crucial supply lines.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Primary Objective:

  • Disable a Bay on the Minelayer (Missiles Useful)
  • Cripple the Minelayer's Engines (Missiles Useful): 0/2
  • Destroy the Mines: 0/150

Secondary (Bonus) Objectives:

  • [40] Incapacitate Fighter Tenders:
    • Destroy Fighter Tender Engines: 0/4
  • [44] Defeat Heavy Fighters:
    • Eliminate Plug-6 Heavy Fighters: 0/4

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Initial Quest Bonus

Repeatable Rewards

Daily Quest[edit | edit source]

There is an associated Daily Quest you can get on your ship which sends you back to Space Combat: Polith Minefield and Space Combat: Sullust Interception after completing the initial quest. It is called Operation Sweeping Menace and rewards upon completion: