Space Combat: Javaal Fleet Action

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Galactic Republic Space Combat: Javaal Fleet Action
Galactic Republic

Level 20 Galactic Republic mission
Space combat mission

Area Space
Location Core Worlds
Start Galaxy Map
Experience 5 - 1995 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 1 Fleet Commendation
Credit.png 330
Bonus Galactic Republic [15] Neutralize the Enemy Fleet

Space Combat: Javaal Fleet Action is one of the space combat missions for the Republic side. Once attaining your ship, Javaal Fleet Action will be one of three missions accessible through your galaxy map.

Description[edit | edit source]

A Republic patrol group has been illegally ambushed by Imperial ships in orbit high above the planet Javaal. The Imperial task force is led by a notorious Intelligence agent, and the patrol needs backup urgently if it's going to have any hope of surviving the Empire's attack.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Primary Objective:

  • 4m 42s Javaal Fleet Action
    • Bring Down the X-70B Phantom (50 XP)
    • Shoot Down Mark VII Interceptors: 0/5 (14 XP per ship)

Secondary Objectives:

  • [15] Neutralize the Enemy Fleet (Bonus)
    • Take Out the Interceptors and the Turrets: 0/50 (7 XP per ship, 5 XP per turret)
  • [30] Expose Enemy Ships (Bonus)
    • Take Out the Shield Generators: 0/8

Secondary Hidden Objective:

  • Take Down the Enemy Command Center

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Primary Objective[edit | edit source]

Neutralize the Enemy Fleet[edit | edit source]

  • Credit.png 198
  • 5 - ? XP

Bonus Mission: Expose Enemy Ships [30][edit | edit source]

Available at level 30. Destroying 8 of the shield generators perched on the bridges of the enemy capital ships grants you the completion of this mission. There is little room for error, as there are only 5 capital ships, each with 2 generators.

  • Credit.png 847
  • 1855 XP

Take Down the Enemy Command Center[edit | edit source]

At the very end of the mission destroy the bridge of the command ship with a photon torpedo.

  • Credit.png 2538
  •  ? XP

Daily Mission[edit | edit source]

There is an associated daily mission you can get on your ship which sends you back to Space Combat: Balosar Outpost and Space Combat: Javaal Fleet Action after completing the initial quests. It is called Operation Searing Light and rewards upon completion:

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