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Sith Empire Son Sith Empire


Level 11 Melee
HP: 535

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species Human
Gender Male
Planet Dromund Kaas
Region The Imperial Citadel
Location X: 80 Y: -582 Z: 18

Son is a Human located in The Imperial Citadel on the planet Dromund Kaas.

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Discussion with Father

Son: What do you think they want?
Father: I don't know. When you get a summons from Imperial Intelligence, you don't ask questions.
Son: It must be about that customer last week. I knew it. Nobody buys that much ration paste unless they're up to something.
Father: And who sold him all that ration paste, hmm?
Son: The same person who hid a tracer in the box, just in case.
Father: Hmph. I take it back. When they call us in, you should ask if they're hiring.

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