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This quest awards no affection or alignment points; the dialog transcript is provided solely for lore purposes.

1st Cutscene -- Nem'ro's Palace[edit | edit source]

(If male) Kaliyo Djannis: "The pirate's on his way. Security droids say he's armed, but he won't be trouble."
(If female) Kaliyo Djannis: "The pirate's on her way. Security droids say she's armed, but she won't be trouble."
(If male) Karrels Javis: "Let's hope not. Here he is now."
(If female) Karrels Javis: "Let's hope not. Here she is now."
Kaliyo Djannis: "I'll go tell the boss."
Karrels Javis: "This is Karrels. Tell the throne room that the Blade's arrived. When Nem'ro shows, stay at least five meters back and don't come up unless you're called. One wrong move and you're a pile of ash."
  • Got it. ("I understand. I'm not here to cause trouble.")
  • Scared of me? ("You worried I'm going to cause trouble?")
  • I'm getting impatient. ("Send in Nem'ro and let's do this.")

Karrels Javis: "Just going over the rules. You've got a reputation, and we don't want any problems. Allow me to present Nem'ro the Hutt--the illustrious crime-king of Jiguuna."
Nem'ro the Hutt: "So, the Red Blade finally comes to visit the house of Nem'ro. Great honor comes to the both of us."
(If male) Nem'ro the Hutt: "You are younger than I imagined... but youth is good in a business partner. Ha!"
(If female) Nem'ro the Hutt: "I did not expect you to be so soft, however. Very few pirates possess charms like yours. Ha!"
Nem'ro the Hutt: "Now, let us see if the legends of the mighty Blade's generosity are true. What have you brought me and my clan?"
  • Humble gifts. ("Trinkets, great Nem'ro. Nothing more.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "I do not care about trinkets, little pirate."
  • Great riches. ("Vast treasures, plundered from worlds in every sector in the galaxy--all for you, great Nem'ro.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "You talk big, little pirate, but your boasts do not interest me."
  • Better than you deserve. ("It's more than you're worth, you pile of slime.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "Maybe you want to repeat that, little Blade?"

Karrels Javis: "Not bad. Nem'ro--the idols here are real aurodium. The cloth looks like--"
Nem'ro the Hutt: "I see, Karrels, I see. Mmm. You are an impressive creature, Blade. You may conduct your dealings on Hutta with my approval. Now, experience the luxuries of my palace. Enjoy my slaves, and wallow in opulence!"
  • Thank you. ("I'm very grateful; you've got quite a place, here.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "Good, very good."
  • I'm not here for fun. ("We have business to discuss.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "So serious, pirate! You should sample the pleasures you've been offered. Isn't that right, Karrels?"
Karrels Javis: "Of course, mighty Nem'ro."
  • That's disgusting. ("You couldn't pay me to touch your slaves.")
Nem'ro the Hutt: "You might be surprised, pirate--everyone has a price. Except my loyal lieutenants--isn't that right, Karrels?"
Karrels Javis: "Of course, mighty Nem'ro."

Nem'ro the Hutt: "Let me introduce my advisors. You have met Karrels Javis; any business you have, you may discuss with him. And this is Toth'lazhen--"
Toth'lazhen: "Nem'ro, we have little time for guests right now. Security reports that Fa'athra and his clan have struck at our shipments again."
Nem'ro the Hutt: "Bah! Jiguuna is mine! Hutta is mine! Fa'athra knows he defies the laws of the Cartel! I will destroy everything Fa'athra treasures, and--"
Karrels Javis: "Looks like your audience with Nem'ro is over. You'll have to forgive the interruption. I've been working for that Hutt since he killed my gang when I was thirteen. Trust me--you can't talk to him when he's like this."
  • What's happening? ("What's all this about "Fa'athra"?")
  • But you stick around? ("Seems like your boss has some temper. Why stay with him?")
Karrels Javis: "Because Nem'ro's got power and smarts, along with the temper. I like things a little more orderly than he does, but I don't complain."
  • You're underestimating me. ("I think I can get his attention.")
Karrels Javis: "Maybe--but it wouldn't be smart to try."

Karrels Javis: "We're having trouble with the Fa'athra clan, and it's getting to all of us. Fa'athra's out of line, but the Hutt Cartel hasn't bothered to interfere."
  • Explain. ("So it's a business dispute. What are you feuding over?")
Karrels Javis: "Everything--the mines, the factories, the slaving operations..."
  • Hutt Cartel? ("I'm not sure I understand. Why would the Hutt Cartel be involved?")
Karrels Javis: "According to Cartel rules, Nem'ro and Fa'athra are supposed to stick to their territories. Fa'athra's decided Cartel rules don't apply."
  • Too bad. ("That's a real shame. Must make life difficult for you.")
Karrels Javis: "You're not kidding. The attacks are bad enough, but Nem'ro's temper could turn a crisis into a bloodbath."

Karrels Javis: "Now, look--I need to work up new plans with security and keep an eye on Toth'lazhen to keep him from suggesting anything stupid. In the meantime, you're a guest, and you've got our permission to do business around here. You've got the run of the palace. So I'll see you around."

2nd Cutscene--Nem'ro's Palace[edit | edit source]

Keeper: "Well done, agent. The listening device is working perfectly, and Nem'ro can keep no more secrets from us. Imperial Intelligence has determined that Nem'ro's human lieutenant--Karrels Javis--is the weak link in his operation. You're going to twist the man until he serves us."
  • Why him? ("I don't see it--he didn't seem particularly disloyal.")
Keeper: "Karrels has advised the Hutt for many years, and he's sympathetic towards the Empire--he admires our efficiency and he prefers humans in authority. He'll do for our purposes."
  • It'll be simple. ("He won't be any trouble to manipulate.")
  • Karrels? Ugh. ("You're telling me I have to work with Nem'ro's thug?")
Keeper: "Karrels has advised the Hutt for many years, and he's sympathetic towards the Empire--he admires our efficiency and he prefers humans in authority. He'll do for our purposes."

Keeper: "Unfortunately, Karrels is on the verge of disfavor with Nem'ro while the Twi'lek lieutenant--Toth'lazhen, I believe--is Nem'ro's rising star. I want you to go to Karrels and offer your services as the Red Blade. Do whatever is required to bring Karrels glory in Nem'ro's eyes."
  • Why is he out of favor? ("What does Nem'ro have against Karrels?")
Keeper: "Karrels's work has been suffering due to interference by the Fa'athra clan. Nem'ro finds that an unacceptable excuse for failure."
  • How? ("What kind of help should I offer? We can't afford to make him suspicious.")
Keeper: "You're the Blade. You're a pirate and a trader. You want him as an ally. You're working as a mercenary. Work it out."
  • If I must. ("It's trivial enough--I'll handle it.")
Keeper: "Indeed you will."

Keeper: "One other thing, agent: This operation of ours has drawn the attention of a member of the Dark Council--Darth Jadus himself. The Council's authority is second only to that of the Emperor. It's a rare... honor for an Intelligence operation to be overseen in this way."
  • I see. ("I believe I understand, sir. I won't disappoint you.")
  • A Darth cares about us? ("With all due respect--what does the Dark Council care about Hutta? This operation isn't exactly a threat to the Sith.")
Keeper: "I don't know why Lord Jadus is interested. Nor is it our concern--the Sith aren't obligated to share their reasons."
  • It's interference. ("We don't need the oversight of Sith to do our job.")
Keeper: "Watch what you say. We answer to the Sith, whether you feel we need them or not."

Keeper: "Report back once you've rendered whatever aid Karrels requires. Keeper out."