Skill Mod 1 (prototype)

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Skill Mod 1
Skill Mod 1
Binds on Equip
Mod (Item Modification)
Total Stats:
   +6 Mastery
   +2 Endurance

Requires Level 7

This Mod can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Skill Mod 1 is a level 7 prototype-quality mod that can be added to a player's custom-quality weapon or armor. It can be obtained by Smugglers as a gift from Corso Riggs during the completion of the level 6 mission Deadly Delivery, on the planet Ord Mantell.

Source[edit | edit source]

Skill Mod 1 is obtained by Smugglers as a gift before setting out to complete Deadly Delivery, a level 6 Smuggler class mission on the planet Ord Mantell.

Mission reward
Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [6] Deadly Delivery

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