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NA[edit | edit source]

Server Name Open Date Type Timezone
Satele Shan Nov-08-2017 N/A West
Star Forge Nov-08-2017 N/A East

EU[edit | edit source]

Server Name Open Date Type Language
Darth Malgus Nov-08-2017 N/A English
The Leviathan Nov-08-2017 N/A French
Tulak Hord Nov-08-2017 N/A German

Consolidation[edit | edit source]

For the servers before Patch 5.5.1, see Server directory (original).

The United Forces update consolidated the remaining 17 original active servers to five new and improved, higher-capacity servers. The server types of PvE, PvP, and RP were also removed, which was replaced by being able to switch between PvE and PvP instances.

Satele Shan[edit | edit source]

Star Forge[edit | edit source]

Darth Malgus[edit | edit source]

The Leviathan[edit | edit source]

Tulak Hord[edit | edit source]