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Corruption, relative Seer is the Healer Discipline for Sorcerers and Sages. It is one of 3 different Healer Disciplines. The other are Medicine/Sawbones and Bodyguard/Combat Medic. The two support buffs for the raid are Protected and Resistant.

List of Corruption\Seer Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Corruption Skill Seer Level Activation
[Dark Infusion] [Deliverance] 10 Active
[Lucidity] [Foresight] 12 Passive
[Dark Mending] [Immutable Force] 16 Passive
Utility Point 17 Passive
[Force Bending] [Conveyance] 20 Passive
[Efficacious Currents] [Preservation] 24 Passive
Utility Point 25 Passive
[Innervate] [Healing Trance] 26 Active
[Sith Purity] [Mend Wounds] 28 Passive
[Reconstruct] [Force Shelter] 32 Passive
Utility Point 33 Passive
[Life Surge] [Serenity] 36 Passive
[Penetrating Darkness] [Clairvoyance] 40 Passive
Utility Point 41 Passive
[Revivification] [Salvation] 42 Active
[Force Surge] [Resplendence] 44 Passive
[Twisted Force] [Force Warden] 48 Passive
Utility Point 49 Passive
[Reverse Corruptions] [Amnesty] 52 Passive
[Renewal] [Renewal] 56 Passive
Utility Point 57 Passive
[Roaming Mend] [Wandering Mend] 58 Active
[Dark Concentration] [Altruism] 60 Passive
[Secrets of the Dark Side] [Erudite Mender] 64 Passive
Utility Point 65 Passive