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Galactic Republic Scoundrel Galactic Republic
Smuggler - 3 - Scoundrel.png
Faction Galactic Republic
Starting Planet Ord Mantell
Planet Ord Mantell
Base Class Smuggler
Advanced Class Gunslinger

Scoundrel is a Smuggler advanced class.

In addition to his trusty blaster, the Scoundrel packs a stealth belt, a scattergun and a med pack—everything he needs to get in, knock the enemy for a loop and get out alive.

  • Stealth Based
  • Short Range
  • Medicine

Roles: Close - Mid Range Damage Dealing, Healing, wields scattergun

Skill Trees[edit | edit source]

  • Sawbones - The Scoundrel patches his allies up using whatever medical supplies he can scrape together.
  • Scrapper - Focuses on using stealth and the scatter gun to sneak in, take out the enemy, and get out.
  • Ruffian - These tactics leave no trick off-the-table and often leave an enemy crippled or bleeding.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level
Scatterblast.png [Back Blast] 10
Desperatecommand.png [Blaster Volley] 10
Unload.png [Blasters Blazing] 10
Circuitry1 dps.png [Defibrillator] 10
Stealth.png [Stealth] 10
Healerunlock.png [Street Tough] 10
Overcome.png [Upper Hand] 10
Shotgunproficiency.png [Weapon Proficiency: Scattergun] 10
Blackmarketstimpak.png [Kolto Pack] 12
[Slow-release Medpac] 14
[Browbeater] 15
Combattechnique.png [Pugnacity] 16
Emergencystimpak.png [Diagnostic Scan] 18
Sleepdart.png [Tranquilizer] 20
Coveredescape.png [Disappearing Act] 22
Disappear.png [Sneak] 22
Cyborgveteran.png [Triage] 24
Cripplingfire.png [Tendon Blast] 26
[Element of Surprise] 35
Souterrimpirate.png [Smuggle] 42
Heartriggerpatch.png [Heartrigger Patch] 50
Newrollscoundrel.png [Scamper] 51
[Stack the Deck] 56

Gallery[edit | edit source]