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Come join the SWTOR Discord server: https://discord.gg/swtor

The SWTOR Discord is the largest SWTOR community on Discord and has official ties with the r/SWTOR community as well!

Server Rules[edit | edit source]

1. Play nicely.[edit | edit source]

We expect this to be a welcoming community. Do not use derogatory terms or make others feel unwelcome by personally attacking them. Remember: attack the idea, not the person. Absolutely no flaming, trolling, and always be respectful. In addition, always follow the directions of staff members. Absolutely no real world political or religious discussions allowed.

Please speak English in all channels. In server channels for other languages those languages are permitted.

2. Share images responsibly.[edit | edit source]

This server is a SFW only server per our partnership with Discord. Pornographic and/or sexual material or nudity is not permitted under any circumstance. You may share one or two images in general. If you would like to share a collection of images please share them in #media. All memes and shitposts go in #trash-compactor.

3. Do not promote cheating/hacking/exploiting.[edit | edit source]

This Discord is focused around SWTOR in a positive manner. We do not condone nor permit the discussion of tools, programs, or exploits which violate the SWTOR ToS. In addition, no links should be posted to websites which condone, promote, or host any of the tools, programs, or methods described above. Lastly, do not disclose methods to replicate unpatched exploits in the game.

4. No credit seller discussions.[edit | edit source]

Under no circumstance should you share a link to a website affiliated with, or directly engaged in, the selling of credits or items for real life currency. In addition, this server shall not be used as an exchange for selling items, codes, or other physical or digital products for real-world currency.

5. Respect people's privacy.[edit | edit source]

Do not disclose real-life personal information, including but not limited to: real life name, address, phone number, pictures of self, place of work.

6. No spoilers.[edit | edit source]

Do not share leaks, spoilers, rumors, or similar about upcoming updates, games, tv series, or movies outside of the #swtor-spoilers or #other-media-spoilers channel. This is not limited to the Star Wars universe or the game.

7. Do not share your referral links.[edit | edit source]

There are places within the community to do this, however, is not one of them. Do not try to promote or share your referral links. If someone asks you may via DM.

8. Do not randomly DM or tag people.[edit | edit source]

Please use proper etiquette when deciding to mention or DM other users. You absolutely cannot DM people to solicit services, sales, or other real money transaction under any circumstances. Do not DM users without a reason, as in if they ask you to do so or an implied reason exists (e.g discussing terms of a trade).


Content Creators[edit | edit source]

We have a role for our content creators within the SWTOR community and allow them to share their work with the community in #content-share.

  • Are you a SWTOR/Star Wars content creator?

Review the requirements below, but keep in mind: we review each request on a case by case basis. Please review the policy here: https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/wiki/discord/creators

Please DM the bot with the link to your active platforms to get started getting the content creator role. Also please include that you are requesting the content creator role.

BioWare role[edit | edit source]

If you work for BioWare please contact @Supreme Chancellor Teddy to get access to a BioWare role within the server.

Bots[edit | edit source]

Is someone breaking the rules and you want to report them privately?[edit | edit source]

If you would like to send a message to all Staff, you can DM the bot (@RE-88). Staff members can see who made a report, but all reports will remain confidential.

Use the bots responsibly[edit | edit source]

Intentional misuse or exploitation of any of the bots we use here is entirely unacceptable and may result in permanent removal from the server.

Using our bot (@RE-88)[edit | edit source]

For a list of available commands please see !commands, for additional help see !help.

Where is your bot from and how do I download it?[edit | edit source]

Our bot is developed, maintained, and hosted by @Supreme Chancellor Teddy. A public version, named M-3PO, is available here.

You can keep track of our bot's changes here.