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Galactic Republic Ryn Galactic Republic


Level 10 Vendor NPC

Allegiance [[Galactic Republic]]
Species [[Twi'lek]]
Gender Female
Health 460
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Avilatan's Rest Cantina]]

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Ryn is a Twi'lek cantina vendor located in Avilatan's Rest Cantina in Fort Garnik on Ord Mantell.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

Ryn offers a selection of stims and other items for purchase.

Vendor Store
535716.png Basic Command Stim Credit.png 150

529578.png Basic Fortitude Stim Credit.png 150

532441.png Dxun Moon Fruit Credit.png 20

Claninsignia.png Jukebox Token Credit.png 100

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