Rishi Datacron Master

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Rishi Datacron Master is one of the achievements in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Found all of the datacrons on Rishi.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement is hidden until earned.
  • This achievement is earned by locating the four datacrons located on Rishi.
  • This achievement awards 25 achievement points.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Step One: Three Not So Little Grophets[edit | edit source]

The first part to getting the achievement is to defeat three named grophets located around Rishi. These each have their own specific achievements. Upon defeating the grophets, each will drop a unique item called a Data Packet. They are tradable and only drop 1 per creature. You will need all 3 of the data packets in order to proceed to the next step.

Step Two: Cybernetic Skull[edit | edit source]

The second part to getting this achievement is to find a Cybernetic Skull upon Slave Island. Travel there by using the Transit Order clickable crate at Nova Blade Trade Depot on Horizon Island.

The skull is located up on a hill behind some foliage that can be traversed.

Use the three data packets acquired from Step One to gain three buffs, then interact with the Cybernetic Skull. This will give you a new buff called Neural Imprint that will allow you to interact with another item in Step Four.

Step Three: Deep Sea Pheromone[edit | edit source]

The third part to getting this achievement is earn Smell of the Sea by returning to Raider's Cove and locate the clickable item Deep Sea Pheromones buried within some rubble.

Step Four: Unique Rock Formation[edit | edit source]

Step Five: Datacrons[edit | edit source]

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