Resolve Mod 10

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Resolve Mod 10
Resolve Mod 10
Binds on Equip
Mod (Item Modifications)
Total Stats:
   +14 Mastery
   +6 Endurance

Requires Level 25

This Mod can be used to upgrade your weapons
and armor.

Resolve Mod 10 is a premium-quality mod modification that can be added to a player's custom-quality weapons and armor. It can be created by player characters through the use of the Cybertech Crew Skill.

Source[edit | edit source]

Cybertech crew skill[edit | edit source]

Resolve Mod 10 is a player-created item. It can be produced by characters trained in the Cybertech Crew Skill.

Schematic source
The schematic used to create Resolve Mod 10 can be obtained from Cybertech Crew Skill trainers once a character has attained a Cybertech rating of 160 or more.

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