Resolve Hilt 6
Binds on Equip
Hilt (Item Modifications)
Total Stats:
   Item Rating Weapon Damage/Power Rating 42
   +8 Mastery
   +5 Endurance

Requires Level 17

This Hilt can be used to upgrade your lightsaber.
Hilts will change the level of the item.

Resolve Hilt 6 is a premium-quality hilt modification that can be added to a player's custom lightsabers. It can be created by player characters through the use of the Artifice Crew Skill.


Artifice crew skill

Resolve Hilt 6 is a player-created item. It can be produced by characters trained in the Artifice Crew Skill.

Schematic source
The schematic used to create Resolve Hilt 6 can be obtained from Artifice Crew Skill trainers once a character has attained an Artifice rating of 80 or more.

Reverse engineering

Artifice Schematics
Item Type Slot Skill Level Components Source
528900.png Resolve Hilt 6 Modification Hilt 080/105/135/145
Reverse Engineer
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