Race to the Ruins

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Galactic Republic Race to the Ruins
Galactic Republic

Level 16 Galactic Republic mission
Class Storyline (1 + Companion)

Planet [[Coruscant]]
Area [[Jedi Temple Ruins]]
Location Jedi Temple Ruins
Start [[Senate Tower]]
End Jedi Temple Ruins/Senate Tower
Bonus Defeat 5 Imperial Commandos

Mission Chain


Race to the Ruins is a Galactic Republic mission for the Jedi Knight class.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Sith Empire has infiltrated the Republics top-secret weapons research facility and has stolen plans for a weapon that will ensure victory over the Galactic Republic.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Gain Access to the Jedi Temple
  • Turn Off the Planet Prison

After taking the taxi from the Senate Tower district to the Jedi Temple (you must take it from here, as it is the only one that connects to the Jedi Temple), you will arrive on the outskirts of the catacombs of the Jedi Temple. There will be a bind site and a republic medical services droid in the first room. Head to the right and through the doorway into a room where there will be a balcony overlooking your position with two ramps leading up to it, one on either side (left and right). It is best to go up the left side ramp in order to not aggro the Imperial Soldier group that is in the middle of the room along with the Imperial Saboteurs that are guarding both ramps. The two Imperial Saboteurs are simple enough to defeat so you may engage them without planning. Next, you will want to stay to the left side of the room and take out the next group which will consist of two more saboteurs. At this point you can either skirt the main group and head to the elevators that will lead you to the Jedi Temple, or you can engage the group of Imperials. The group consists of two Imperial Soldiers, an Imperial Scout Droid, and (usually) an Imperial Recruit (on occasion it will be a saboteur or droid engineer). When this group is attacked the two Imperial Saboteurs on the right ramp will also come to fight, so you will be taking on six enemies at once. Concentrate on the droid (and the Droid Engineer if it spawns with the group) as it will be the most difficult to destroy, and it deals the most damage. After he is gone, the rest of the Imperials should only take a few seconds. After you have defeated the last of the Imperials you will notice that there are two more Imperials on the North wall guarding a door. You may bypass them and continue with the mission. If you choose to attack them you will want to target the Imperial Slicer first as he is a Strong target. The Second Imperial is another Imperial Saboteur. After you defeat them you can interact with the "Sealed Door". Doing this will cut to a conversation with a group of three mercenaries who were sent by a senator to retrieve a lost journal from his son who was a Jedi that fell during the Sacking of Coruscant. They also tell you that the Jedi Temple is full of Sith and Imperial forces. If you choose to take on this mission, you should be able to complete it without serious sidetracking from the original mission. After this you need to head to the right of the door, towards the elevators, and take them to the Temple.

Upon arriving in the Temple Ruins you will have two paths to take. The path directly in front of you leads to a circular room filled with Imperial forces and a Sith Apprentice. There is also a path to your right that will take you to a room with a lightsaber making device. As of now you probably don't have the needed components to make a lightsaber, so you can skip this area. At the doorway to the circular room there will be two groups on guard at the entryway. Each group consists of one Imperial Commando, two Imperial Saboteurs, and one Imperial Soldier/Recruit. Attack the left group and focus your opening attacks on the Commando until he falls, then mop up the others. If you stay to the left, you won't aggro the right hand group. On the left side of the circular room is the hallway you need to get to. (At this point in time depending on whether or not you took the quest to find the Journal of Starsnow you may want to kill all of the Imperial Commandos). Head to the left and watch for the Sith Apprentice that patrols the middle area of the room. there will be another group, same as the first, right behind a couple of fallen pillars. Use the same tactics as the first group to defeat them. To your left will be a hallway, go towards it. Inside will be a group of Imperials. usually 3 Imperial Soldiers and an Imperial Scout Droid. Focus on the droid and then mop up the other combatants. to the right is another hallway that you need to go down. At the end you will see an instance barrier (the green wall), and behind it is the Sith Lord you are tracking. Going into the room will start a conversation.

  • *NOTE* pleading with the Sith, or asking him to surrender will make Kiara's affection for you to drop by 17.

After the conversation you will fight the Sith Lord. Defeat him and disable the Planet Prison device, and then talk to the Other Sith Lords on the holocom table. After that conversation you have completed the mission and only need to return to the Senate Tower for your reward. To the right of the room is a partially blocked doorway. Navigate around the rubble to find a security chest.

You may fight your way back to the taxi pad, or Quick Travel to the Senate Plaza.

Upon entering the Senate Tower, head towards the main chamber. To the right hallway will be a quest that will not be offered after you complete Race to the Ruins. Accept it or leave it. Report back to the General to get your reward, your next mission, and your new starship.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that players are at least level 16 before attempting this mission. Both the Sith Apprentice and the Sith Lord are level 16 Elite characters with advanced skills. In order to defeat them, you must have comparable equipment and weapons as well as skills.