Quadranium War Boots

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Quadranium War Boots
Quadranium War Boots
Binds on Pickup
Heavy Armor (Rating 102)
   394 Armor
Durability: 120/120
Total Stats:
   +69 Mastery
   +56 Endurance
   +26 Critical Rating
   +24 Alacrity Rating

Item Modifications
   Armoring (48)
   Mod (48)
   Enhancement (48)

Requires Heavy Armor

Quadranium War Boots are custom feet-slot heavy armor.

Source[edit | edit source]

Quadranium War Boots are a mission reward obtained by Bounty Hunters on Voss.

Mission reward
Sith Empire [47] A Long Forgotten Evil

Equipped modifications[edit | edit source]

When first obtained Quadranium War Boots are equipped with the following item modifications:

Item modifications

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