Prototype Kinetic Response D-Implant

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[Prototype] Kinetic Response D-Implant
[Prototype] Kinetic Response D-Implant
Binds on Equip
Total Stats:
   +39 Mastery
   +65 Endurance
   +9 Accuracy Rating
   +22 Defense Rating

Requires Level 37

[Prototype] Kinetic Response D-Implants are Artifact-quality Implants. They can be obtained as dropped items or from level-appropriate Lockboxes.

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[Prototype] Kinetic Response D-Implants are part of the level 36 Artifact-quality random loot table. They can be obtained as random loot drops from mobs of the appropriate level range. Additionally, they can be found inside Gilded Artifact Storage Cases.

Dropped item

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