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Correspondence[edit | edit source]

Get the serum from the ruins[edit | edit source]

If you decide to get the serum from the ruins, you will receive a mail titled Doctor Death's Claw Says Hi from Doctor Ryamn with 2 Standard-Issue Medpac attached.

Remember that time you shot your way into a Death's Claw pirate camp and met the local medic? Remember how he convinced you not to subject his patients to a horrible rakghoul-y death by stealing his vaccine supply?

That was me. How's things with you?

I wasn't always with the Death's Claw, you know. I won't give you a whole sob story, but I'm here now because these guys took me in. They're my brothers. Brothers who are jerks, true... but jerks deserve a chance, too.

Anyway, I owe you one. There's talk of pulling out of Taris, and I hope it happens. You ever find yourself in the wrong place and need to get patched up, let me know.''

~ Doctor Death's Claw Says Hi mail text