Patch 2.5.1

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Patch 2.5.1
Release Date 17 December 2013

Patch chronology

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Patch 2.5.0b Patch 2.5.1a

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Highlights[edit | edit source]

Cartel Market[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Classes and Combat[edit | edit source]

Imperial Agent[edit | edit source]



Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

  • The following items no longer require "Event Equipment Requisition Authorization":
    • Infected Mako Customization
    • Infected Andronikos Revel Customization
    • Infected Corso Riggs Customization
    • Infected Kira Carsen Customization
    • Infected Tharan Cedrax Customization
    • Infected Vector Customization
    • Infected Malavai Quinn Customization
    • Infected Elara Dorne Customization
    • Advanced Black-Green Centurion's Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Resistance Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Savage Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green Vehemence Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Green War Hero's Crystal
    • Republic Containment Officer Armor
    • Republic Containment Officer Boots
    • Republic Containment Officer Gloves
    • Republic Containment Officer Helmet
    • Republic Containment Officer Legs
    • Republic Containment Officer Belt
    • Imperial Containment Officer Armor
    • Imperial Containment Officer Boots
    • Imperial Containment Officer Gloves
    • Imperial Containment Officer Helmet
    • Imperial Containment Officer Legs
    • Imperial Containment Officer Belt
    • Sand People Bloodguard Bodywrap
    • Sand People Bloodguard Footwraps
    • Sand People Bloodguard Handwraps
    • Sand People Bloodguard Headwrap
    • Sand People Bloodguard Legwraps
    • Sand People Bloodguard Waistwrap
    • Sand People Bloodguard Wristwraps
    • Gray Helix Lightsaber
    • Gray Helix Saberstaff
    • Gray Helix Blaster
    • Gray Helix Blaster Rifle
    • Gray Helix Autocannon
    • Gray Helix Sniper Rifle
    • Authorization: Gray Secant

Galactic Starfighter[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • The icon for Rocket Pods will now display correctly on IL-5 class ships.
  • Player's clients will no longer crash when dragging their mouse in Galactic Starfighter.
  • Players will no longer be able to access the Galactic Starfighter tutorial:
    • While in combat.
    • While falling.
    • In an exhaustion zone.
    • In any group instance including Warzones, Flashpoints, Operations, Galactic Starfighter matches, or Space Combat Missions.
    • In any phased Mission area, including Class and Planetary Mission areas.

Ships and Hangar[edit | edit source]

Components and Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the icon for the "Response Tuning" Crew Ability.
  • Updated the icon for "Peripheral Vision" Crew Ability.
  • Players are now able to select the "None" option for blaster and engine cosmetic modifications.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected a text error in the "Thank you" email received from making a Cartel Coin purchase from Amazon.
  • Corrected various typos in the Galactic Starfighter credits in French and German.