Patch 2.10.2

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Patch 2.10.2
Release Date 22 October 2014

Patch chronology

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Patch 2.10.1c Patch 2.10.2a

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Highlights[edit | edit source]

16-Player Operations have returned to Group Finder! We have made behind-the-scenes improvement to prevent the performance issues that we encountered when the system was initially made available. Check out the Group Finder to enjoy the faster queues and better rewards of 16-Player Story Mode Operations!

General[edit | edit source]

  • Imperial Crate (Single), Imperial Crate (Stacked), Republic Crate (Single), and Republic Crate (Stacked) have been added to the Galactic Starfighter and Warzone Decoration Vendors.
  • Numerous art fixes to The Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint.
  • The Decoration "Slot Machine: Smuggler's Gambit" is now available for 1c from the Binary Star Reputation Vendor.
  • Subscribers who are receiving the 12x XP boost from the Shadow of Revan Pre-Order now have a UI notification.
  • It is no longer possible to resell the Meirm Hyacinth Speeder for more credits than it was purchased for.
  • Guildmasters can now assign the ability to start Invasions in the Ranks tab of the Guild Window.
  • NPC Decorations have been refactored, and the 25 NPC Limit now applies only to interactable NPCs.
  • The Character Selection Screen is no longer zoomed out when first selecting a character.