Organ Harvester

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Organ Harvester

Organ Harvester

Level 20 Melee
HP: 1165

Species Human
Gender Male
Planet Nar Shaddaa
Region Red Light Sector Taxi Station

Organ Harvester is a Human located in the Red Light Sector Taxi Station on the planet Nar Shaddaa.

Dialog[edit | edit source]

Discussion with another Organ Harvester

Organ Harvester: Are you deaf? I asked for Iridonian hearts! Not Rodian, not Ithorian! Iridonian!
Organ Harvester: What do you want me to do, put 'em back?
Organ Harvester: Try stealing a brain. You could use one.
Organ Harvester: Haha. Now look, this stuff's starting to get ripe. You want 'em or not?
Organ Harvester: Get lost.

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