Operation Raging Dawn

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Sith Empire Operation Raging Dawn
Sith Empire

Level 44 Sith Empire mission
Repeatable Mission

Start Personal Ship
Experience 5 - 12870 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 10 Fleet Commendation
Credit.png 5360

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Repeatable - This mission can be repeated once per day. It is reset in the morning.

[Repeatable: Daily]

War is upon us, and the Republic has responded with treachery.
Moments ago, traitors aboard the Imperial space station Kilran's Lance disabled the installation's defenses. Simultaneously, the Republic launched a surprise attack.
Kilran's Lance reports critical structural damage. The Empire's Fury squadron is needed at Aeten Ten in the Unknown Regions to save the station from the Republic assault.

The Intercessor is the pride of the Republic fleet. The capital ship defended Bothawui and survived the Battle of Hoth; now we will destroy it.
Less than one hour ago, the Imperial fleet ambushed the Intercessor in the skies above Vondoru. Republic reinforcements have already responded to defend their vessel.
Only the Empire's Fury squadron can ensure the Intercessor's complete destruction. Rally at the planet Vondoru in the Unknown Regions and blow the capital ship out of the sky.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After MAX Level: