Operation New Eclipse

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Galactic Republic Operation New Eclipse
Galactic Republic

Level 48 Galactic Republic mission
Repeatable Mission

Area Space
Location Unknown Regions
Start Personal Ship
Experience ? - 19635 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 20 Fleet Commendation,Stonewithrune.png 2 Daily Commendation
Credit.png 6,540


Quest Log

Repeatable - This mission can be repeated once per day. It is reset in the morning.

[Repeatable: Daily]
The Coruscant Aegis is needed in the Impossible Sector. Its infamously dangerous smuggling route has come under attack.

Privateers reported increased Mandalorian activity in the Impossible Sector. Scans revealed a sprawling minefield that now cuts off the Republic-commissioned smugglers who supply us.

The Republic war effort is counting on the Coruscant Aegis to restore our supply flow. Wipe out the mines at the Impossible Sector in the Unknown Regions. Prepare for heavy resistance.


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