Operation Ardent Wave

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Galactic Republic Operation Ardent Wave
Galactic Republic

Level 32 Galactic Republic mission
Repeatable Mission

Area Space
Location Hutt Space / Distant Outer Rim
Start Personal Ship
Experience 5 - 13175 XP
Rewards Medallion.png 7 Fleet Commendation
Credit.png 3090


Quest Log

Repeatable - This mission can be repeated once per day. It is reset in the morning.

[Repeatable: Daily]
Mission 1: Syvris Evacuation
A secret SIS listening post has been compromised. Imperial forces accused the installation of violating the treaty, and they are moving to capture and destroy years of sensitive intel.

Evacuation orders are in effect, but the Empire is not cooperating. SIS casualties have already been reported and more will die without immediate aid.

Members of the Coruscant Aegis are to rally at the Syvris station in Hutt Space. Once in range, protect the evacuation effort before our people and intel are consumed by the Empire's wrath.

Mission 2: Llanic Station Strike
The Empire's chemical weapons division has developed a deadly new posion: Ziroxin-12. The chemical is being produced in massive quantities at a space station in the remote Llanic system.

Ziroxin-12 was designed to devastate massive populations in wartime. The Empire is preparing for battle, and the Republic fleet must respond in kind.

The Coruscant Aegis is to spearhead our assault on the Empire's chemical station. Find the installation in the Llanic system in the Distant Outer Rime and obliterate every trace of Ziroxin-12.


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