Onya Oruel

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Correspondence[edit | edit source]

After completing a mission on Tatooine she sends this message.

From: Onya Oruel

Subject: The Twin Suns

Sheriff Encot told me how to reach you. I hope you don't mind--my name is Onya Oruel, and I'm one of the people you saved from the Twin Suns slavers in Anchorhead.

The scum captured me on my sister's moisture farm and held me in the spaceport for a week. They barely fed us and screamed at us all the time. They didn't hurt us much, thankfully, so as not to "damage the goods."

When we heard shooting, we were terrified. Then we saw you fighting through the crowd, and it was like I could breathe again after drowning for days.

We put together a gift for you. Thank you for everything.